Producing natural and clean products is core to our company. We have a wealth of experience in custom formulations with natural ingredients. 

Our Formulation team consists of extremely knowledgeable professionals with an extensive cosmetic formulation background. Each team member keeps their finger on the pulse of new market trends and developing technologies, so our formulations stand out from the crowd.

Formulas we make:

Water-based and anhydrous, Oil-in-water, water-in-oil, and nano emulsions, Suspensions, Gels and Sticks.


The R&D/PD team consistently explore the latest developments in naturally derived ingredients to combat the most challenging skin care concerns. Our team is well connected with well-known and reputable raw material vendors, which allows us to develop products with quality materials that are safe for the consumer and the environment. We work hard to develop and present novel technologies and the latest ingredient ideas that help expand our clients’ portfolio and market presence.

Many well-known, high-end, and indie personal care brands partner with us for product development. Our R&D/PD team has broad expertise in all types of specialty skin care formulations for hair, body, face, and intimate areas. We have the capacity to provide you high performance formulas with timely turnaround on submissions.


For us, consistency is paramount. We work to ensure that every product we produce is safely and consistently made, in the exact same way, each time. Our Quality Assurance department thoroughly manages production documentation and oversees testing to make certain that manufactured finished goods adhere to the highest standards. We also provide a variety of testing depending on your brand’s needs.

Quality control

Typical tests include total plate count (TPC), Yeast & mold, preservative efficiency testing (PET), PH, Viscosity, Density and stability testing

Similarly, our Quality Control team ensures each raw material, bulk, and finished product abides by standard specifications to ensure consistency and safety of each lot.


At Conscious Beauty Inc., we are dedicated to assisting you through any industry challenge and regulatory compliance that may arise in either domestic or international marketplaces. 

We are familiar with the global control procedures in most countries and can assist with all aspects of product registration. We also provide documented certifications that may be requested, such as:

  • Certificate of Manufacture
  • Certificate of Free sale
  • BSE Certificates
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each raw material used